Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ABC Trashes Its Own Show

"Ich Bin Ein Pimp Master!"

In the newest Olympic sport--Insanity!--ABC has decided to come out of the gate smokin'! No, no Tail-End Charlies are these guys. After 18 seasons of claiming to be the lost fairytale romance from days of yore, the pressure must have finally gotten to them and they decided it was time to parody themselves and just admit they are nothing more than a cartoon. In the newly updated site for Bachelor 14 from ABC, the network has written a show description that would have P.J. O'Rourke green with satirical envy. Either some intern has slipped one past the powers that be, or Fleiss and his gang have been on a 48 hour glue-sniffing bender. What I am about to post is NOT something I wrote to be funny. It's from the actual network website. Enjoy!

When it comes to falling in love, The Bachelor has the formula down: Add a parade of 25 (often-times bikini-clad) babes, a hot tub, tear-riddled elimination rounds, verbal cat fights, multiple make-out sessions and a mansion.

When it comes to staying in love... well...


The Bachelor takes us on an all-access journey with one man looking for his ultimate sweetheart.

Whether you're envious, excited or completely revolted by the scenario, we know you can't help but spy on our leading man as he plays tonsil hockey with his many lady loves. Arguably the luckiest guy on the planet–for just one television season–our bachelor finds himself TOTALLY exempt from the cheating rule. In this world, nobody hates the player.

The bachelor is the object of 25 girls' affection. And these women aren't those trashy bar flies you see on other reality dating shows–these ladies are classy (yes, with a "c"!) and they are looking to get hitched. Have no doubts over their determination–these women will do anything to make an impression. ANYTHING. You get to see how lady contestants play the game not only in front of the bachelor, but also what side they show the other girls. (Two-face much, ladies?) And we know you love it when the claws come out. Oh, and they do!

Will these bachelorettes' efforts go unnoticed? You'll find out because you get to play spy during all of the one-on-one dates. These rendezvous can involve anything from couples massage and bubble baths to helicopter rides and bungee jumping.

At the end of each episode, the bachelor reflects on all of his darlings to determine who will go home in the rose ceremony elimination. And we know his choices are always the subject of heated living room debate. As the season progresses, you are taken along on the bachelorettes' hometown visits where our playboy extraordinaire switches gears to meet the family. You'd think the prospect of in-laws would kill the buzz for our said mack daddy. But quite the opposite inevitably occurs as the bachelor falls further down the relationship rabbit hole.

Who will steam up the hot tub with the bachelor this season? From which exotic location will he propose to his "true love"? Sit back and enjoy as host, Chris Harrison, A/K/A "The Pimp Master," guides us each week as the bachelor narrows down the field of his female pickings to the final ONE!

That's right, folks. According to ABC, the new Bachelor will play "tonsil-hockey" with a bunch of lying, two-faced women who will do ANYTHING to make an impression; presumably even, throw themselves off a building or leap into a set bear trap. Look, folks, your ol' pirate here is no sanctimonious preacher, but drugs damage the brain--Just Say Maybe. Anyway, I can't wait to see Harrison in his new Bachelor Host Uniform--a shaggy fur coat topped with a purple Fedora. Bet his momma down in Texas is proud.I've always suspected Mike Fleiss was a complete lunatic, and now I know he is. Honesty can be refreshing and I suppose confession is good for the soul and all, but this was like watching a celebrity sex tape--entertaining, but perhaps we staggered into the realm of Too Much Information?

And I thought I was crazy.

In case you think I'm making this up? See it before they remove it...or don't.



Anonymous said...

Dear Barbarossa,

I didn't know you were back to blogging. What a terrific surprise, when longing for the 'ole' days, I stopped by your site to see 2 new entries! Welcome back. I totally missed you.

I hadn’t seen the Bach show summary… and you’re right. You just couldn’t make this stuff up. Crazy.

I heartily agree with your analysis of the three possible Bachelors, ur stool-pigeons. But if drama is what we’re looking for… then I think one has to pass on Kiptyn; too smart and too straight (at least the way he was edited). Either Reid or Jake would give us a lot more to snark about…

Honestly, I love Reid for the pick… only because his reign would most likely challenge all of the Reid fans – sending them into apoplexy - as I anticipate he will go on to make every mistake in the book. While he’s cute and quirky, Reid impresses me as one who is just a little too confident. Say what you want about Jillian (I love her), but she was a pretty straight shooter… I’m thinking Reid, on the other hand might fall prey to every trap the producers lay, as he thinks he can “outsmart” them… which would surely make for great tv!

Hope you are well and enjoying the end (can you believe it) of summer.

Your fan, Sue

PS – too funny: This guy (jake) should definitely be "Plan C", or should be encased in glass with a sign that says: "Break only in the case of an emergency!"

AbbyRose said...

Wow, I hit your link by mistake and saw that you had updated your blog ~ whoo hooo!!!

Love it ~ "a 48 hour glue-sniffing bender." Bwhahaha!

The next Bach show must be a remake of the Tool Academy. It will be soooooo bad. Alas another season I shall pass to see, but will again read your witty blog.

Next time sky write when you have a new blog up so I won't miss it, otherwise I will have to count on my fingers to mistakenly hit you blog. :D

Anonymous said...

Some ABC intern lost their job when that snark got posted as they were trying out new Bachelor page formats. Funny, but I don't imagine the poobahs were amused.

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