Saturday, July 21, 2012

Breaking: Source: Sean Lowe is the New Bachelor

Feast Your Eyes Ladies


A trusted source--one that speaks rarely--but always speaks factually, is confirming that Sean Lowe will be the next Bachelor this fall. That Fliess and his criminal gang would ask is no surprise, but I'm rather surprised that Genetic Marvel has accepted. Only a few days ago on the Kidd Kraddock radio show, Sean said he had not even been asked.Apparently, the reaction of the fandom and the crowd at The Men Tell All were enough to seal the deal.

So a decent guy has been pegged for the role. The questions are will he lose his decency to the Fleissmonster? Will he be so decent that he is a bore as the Bachelor? Only time will tell. But it looks like Sean will be getting the chance to lose his soul to Mike Fleiss anyway.

Emily's finale is tomorrow night. As always, the pirate will be there to Blast it.



Debbie in Texas said...

Ya know, I would have bet that Emily would have been the worse pick ever as the lead in this show. I would have been wrong. She's actually turned put to be the best one yet! Shows you what I know... I'll keep an open mind about the Genetic Marvel.

Debbie in Texas said...

Stupid auto-correct. "turned put"....? I spend more time correcting auto-correct than if I found the mistakes on my own!