Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16--Slight Delay

Due to unexpected issues at work (Read: Cannon battles on the open sea in a boat that looks a lot like Jake and Vienna's lovecruiser) the blog will be delayed a day this week.


Sue said...

Arghhhhh… Sorry to hear about your cannon battles. Had a few of my own last week; sorry I missed the conversation.

I actually though Jake’s date with Gia was the most real … aside from Gia’s shyness (protective? put on?) they seemed, on some level, to be connecting … and there was significantly less sincerity-speak and more conversation. I have to guess that Jake slept with Gia, and it must have been good, because she definitely looked surprised and hurt by his rejection.

Tenley is just boring… and together with uber-boring Jake they are one comatose pair. There was seriously no chemistry between the two – are they alive? After all the hemming and hawing about spending the night with another guy, Tenley didn’t seem to hesitate one instant when the fantasy card arrived… God bless her if she did sleep with Jake… if only to bury the memory of her cheating husband!

Jake and Vienna really are meant for each other; between the joking, pushing and sword fighting they acted like they are in junior high school. Jake admits that Vienna’s a little immature, but they can mature together… great start to a life together, Sigmund! Can it be anything other than a train wreck ‘a comin’? One thing about last week’s episode – if we had any doubt that the two are in junior high, how weird was it that Vienna’s dad stood guard outside her bedroom while they made out?

Did we really need more scenes of Ali whimpering and crying… really, didn’t they give us enough last week to last a lifetime? (Hilarious from last week: Hammy, Shakespearean actors have shorter death scenes than Chemical Ali did.) Between all the edits that cut between her apartment and a hotel room… and seriously, sleeping with 8x10 glossies of Jake by her bed… it was pathetically poor production, even for this pitiful show!!

I do have hope however. I think the best episode is actually yet to come. All the cross talk from the girls should be entertaining. Especially from/to Michelle, Elizabeth, Ali and Roz…. Word is that Roz stands up for herself and actually goes after Chris Harrison… for lying on behalf of the show AND calls him out for flirting with the fired production guy’s wife… and that Chris was NOT happy!! Can only pray we’ll get a chance to see it… which of course is not going to happen… but based on his credo: “anything for ratings” how cool would it be to have Fleiss sell Chris out ….!

Looking forward to your blog….

Your fan, Sue

Anonymous said...

After the day I've had today, I'm looking forward to your blog for some cheering up. I'll keep checking back!